All your tasks in one click.

Fast сontrol

Only your tasks!

The plugin is designed for quick user access to their tasks. A minimum of movements is always in quick access to the minimum required information.


  • Quick access to your tasks.
  • Total number of tasks.
  • Sorted by priority.
  • Task deadline notification.

The plugin does not depend on the theme. Compatible with other plugins and themes.

RE-Badge plugin

RE-Badge plugin
Redmine plugin

Redmine plugin

The RE-Badge Plugin is an innovative tool designed to enhance user productivity by providing quick and streamlined access to tasks within Redmine. This plugin is crafted to minimize user effort and maximize efficiency, ensuring that essential task information is always at your fingertips with minimal navigation.

Key Features Quick Access to Your Tasks
The plugin places your tasks front and center, allowing you to view and manage them with just a click. No more hunting through menus or navigating multiple screens to find what you need.
Total Number of Tasks

Always stay informed about your workload with a clear display of the total number of tasks assigned to you. This feature helps you keep track of your responsibilities at a glance.

Sorted by Priority Tasks are automatically sorted by priority, so you can focus on what’s most important. High-priority tasks are highlighted, ensuring that critical issues receive immediate attention.

Task Deadline Notification Never miss a deadline again with timely notifications. The plugin alerts you to approaching and overdue task deadlines, helping you stay on top of your schedule and manage your time effectively.

Compatibility and Flexibility Theme Independence
The Redmine-Evolution Badge Plugin is designed to be theme-independent, meaning it seamlessly integrates with any Redmine theme you are using. Enjoy its features without any disruptions to your preferred visual setup.

Compatibility with Other Plugins and Themes This plugin is built to be fully compatible with other Redmine plugins and themes, ensuring that it enhances your Redmine experience without any conflicts or issues.

RE-Badge plugin

User Benefits
Enhanced Productivity
By providing quick access to essential task information and minimizing the steps needed to manage tasks, this plugin significantly boosts productivity. Users can focus more on completing tasks rather than navigating through the interface.
Improved Task Management With tasks sorted by priority and clear deadline notifications, users can manage their workload more effectively. This leads to better time management and ensures that critical tasks are completed on time.
Streamlined Workflow The RE-Badge Plugin integrates smoothly into your existing Redmine setup, enhancing your workflow without requiring significant changes or adjustments.

Redmine plugin

Conclusion The RE-Badge Plugin is an essential tool for any Redmine user looking to enhance their task management capabilities. With its focus on quick access, priority sorting, and deadline notifications, it ensures that users can manage their tasks efficiently and effectively. Compatible with all themes and other plugins, it offers a seamless and productive Redmine experience.
Embrace the evolution of task management with the RE-Badge Plugin and transform the way you work within Redmine.


Redmine 4.1.x – 5.x
Ruby 2.6+

Compatible With

Redmine 4.1.x – 5.x (default Redmine)
Default Redmine Themes (default, alternate, classic)
RedmineX Theme
Redmine-evolution EVO theme
Redmine-evolution RE-classic theme
Available languages: en, de, fr, it, ko, pt, ru, uk, zh

How to install the plugin?

  • Copy “redmine_evolution_badge” to {RAILS_APP}/plugins on your redmine path.
  • bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_evolution_badge RAILS_ENV=production
  • bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_evolution_badge RAILS_ENV=production
  • Restart Redmine

How to uninstall the plugin?

  • Remove folder “redmine_evolution_badge” from {RAILS_APP}/plugins on your redmine path
  • Restart Redmine
RE-Badge plugin

RE-Badge plugin
Redmine plugin

Redmine plugin
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