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Don’t miss the most important things! Notifications and mentions.


The most important

An easy way to track important changes.

  • Mention control.
  • Quick response to mentions.


  • Change the status of tasks.
  • Tasks are assigned to you or your group.
  • Adding / Removing:

    • you to group
    • you to project
    • project to group

Description of features

  • Mentions

    The main task of the plugin is to allow the user to control mentions of the current user in all tasks and quickly respond to mentions.

    Main functions for mentioning:

    • The current user receives notifications that the user mentioned him, as well as the priority of the task.
    • The quick reply button opens a modal window with the ability to read the entire mention and instantly respond.
    • The user who mentioned the current user will receive a notification from the reply.
  • Notification

    One of the most important components of successful work is control over all tasks and processes in the project. This plugin makes it possible to track the most important changes related to the current user.

    List of notifications received by the current user:

    • You are mentioned in the tasks.
    • Task status changed.
    • Tasks are assigned to you or your group.
    • Adding / Removing:

      • you to group
      • you to project
      • project to group
  • Additional functionality
    • In case of a large number of notifications, you will have the option to download notifications gradually. by calling the button “load more”

    If you have a lot of notifications, for example due to vacation or illness, then you can fix it very quickly:

    • Mark all notifications as read.
    • Remove all notifications from the list.

RE-tag-me plugin

RE-tag-me plugin
Redmine plugin

Introducing the RE-tag-me plugin, a powerful and efficient tool designed to enhance your task management experience. This feature-rich plugin brings a range of functions to streamline communication and collaboration within your project management platform.

Notification Features:

1. Mention Notifications:
Stay on top of your tasks with real-time notifications whenever you are mentioned in a task. No more missing out on important updates or messages directed at you. The RE-tag-me plugin ensures you are instantly informed when your attention is needed.

Redmine plugin

2. Quick Response to Mentions:
Efficiency is key, and with the plugin, you can respond promptly to mentions without navigating away from your current task. Easily craft and send quick responses to keep the communication flow smooth and seamless.

3. Task Status Change Notifications:
Never miss a beat when it comes to the status of your tasks. Receive immediate notifications when there are changes to the status of tasks you are involved in, allowing you to stay informed and adapt your workflow accordingly.

RE-tag-me plugin

4. Membership Management:

Add/Remove Yourself from a Group:
Take control of your group affiliations effortlessly. The plugin allows you to add or remove yourself from a group with just a few clicks, ensuring that your membership aligns with your current project responsibilities

RE-tag-me plugin

Add/Remove Yourself from a Project:
Stay organized by managing your project involvements dynamically. Whether joining a new project or stepping back from one, the RE-tag-me plugin simplifies the process for a more streamlined experience.

Add/Remove Project to/from a Group:
Manage project-group associations with ease. Add or remove projects from groups seamlessly, optimizing your project structure to reflect your team’s collaboration needs.

Enhance your project management platform with the RE-tag-me plugin and enjoy improved communication, efficient task handling, and simplified membership management. Upgrade your workflow with this indispensable tool designed to keep you in the loop and in control.

Redmine plugin


Redmine 5.x and above
Ruby 2.6+
Database requires db & migration
Database MySQL, PostgreSQL

Compatible With

Redmine 4.1.x – 5.x (default Redmine)
Default Redmine Themes (default, alternate, classic)
Redmine-evolution EVO theme
Redmine-evolution RE-classic theme
Available languages: en, de, fr, it, ko, pt, ru, uk, zh

How to install the plugin?

  • Copy “redmine_unread_issues” to {RAILS_APP}/plugins on your redmine path.
  • Run the command: bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=evo_tag_me RAILS_ENV=production
  • Run the command: bundle exec rake redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=evo_tag_me RAILS_ENV=production
  • Restart Redmine

How to uninstall the plugin?

  • Remove folder “evo_tag_me” from {RAILS_APP}/plugins on your redmine path
  • Restart Redmine
RE-tag-me plugin

RE-tag-me plugin
Redmine plugin

Redmine plugin
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