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Unlock the true potential of Evo-Theme for Redmine with our extensive collection of supported plugins. Designed to enhance your project management experience, these plugins seamlessly integrate with Redmine theme, providing you with advanced functionalities and customization options. Explore our range of supported plugins and take your Redmine instance to new heights.

RE-timer: Streamline Time Tracking and Resource Management
Optimize your project planning and resource allocation with the RE-timer plugin. Track time spent on tasks, generate detailed reports, and gain valuable insights into project progress and resource utilization. With RE-timer, you can enhance productivity and ensure efficient time management within your projects. Redmine theme.

EVO theme supported plugins

Bage plugin: Visualize Milestones and Achievements
Highlight important milestones and achievements within your projects using the Bage plugin. Create and manage custom badges to visually represent significant events, certifications, or project progress. With Bage plugin, you can effectively communicate and celebrate key accomplishments, fostering motivation and engagement among team members. Redmine theme.

Kanban board plugin: Visualize Workflows and Improve Collaboration
Improve collaboration and workflow management with the Kanban board plugin. Visualize tasks, track progress, and streamline project execution. Kanban boards provide a clear overview of work items, allowing teams to prioritize, assign, and monitor tasks in real-time, resulting in increased transparency and productivity. Redmine theme.

Gantt chart plugin: Simplify Project Planning and Tracking
Efficiently plan and track your projects with the Gantt chart plugin. Visualize project timelines, dependencies, and milestones, enabling you to manage resources effectively and ensure timely project delivery. The Gantt chart plugin provides a comprehensive overview of project progress, facilitating better decision-making and communication. Redmine theme

Agile plugin: Embrace Agile Methodologies
For teams following Agile methodologies, our Agile plugin offers an array of features to support Agile project management. Easily manage user stories, sprints, and backlogs, facilitating iterative development and improving collaboration between team members. With the Agile plugin, you can seamlessly integrate Agile practices into your Redmine workflow. Redmine theme.

Why Choose Evo-Theme Supported Plugins:

Seamless Integration: Our supported plugins seamlessly integrate with Redmine theme, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup process. Enjoy the benefits of advanced features and functionalities without compromising on user experience.

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EVO theme supported plugins

Extended Functionality: Evo-Theme supported plugins expand the capabilities of Redmine, enabling you to tailor your project management environment to suit your specific needs. From time tracking to visualizing workflows, these plugins empower you to work smarter and more efficiently.

Enhance Collaboration: Supported plugins foster collaboration and transparency among team members. By providing intuitive interfaces and powerful features, they promote effective communication, coordination, and shared understanding.

Ongoing Support and Updates: We are dedicated to providing continuous support and regular updates for our supported plugins. Our team is committed to addressing any queries or concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless experience and optimal performance.

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Take Your Redmine Experience to the Next Level with Evo-Theme :
Visit our website to explore our collection of supported plugins for Evo-Theme. Empower your project management with advanced functionalities, improved collaboration, and enhanced customization options. Contact us today to discover how our Evo-Theme supported plugins can elevate your Redmine instance and drive success for your projects. Redmine theme

EVO theme supported plugins

List of supported plugins for EVO theme. All details and features of plugins are thoroughly worked out.

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    Takeshi Nakamura
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