Refund Policy


Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital products that cannot be returned, we won’t be able to refund the money if you simply change your mind after purchasing a Redmine-Evolution product or if you purchased the theme for informational purposes only. For us to consider a request for a refund, we require that you fully comply with the Сonditions of Refund below. If you have a problem that we cannot solve and which makes the system unusable, we will consider the issue of refund. Please read the text below for more information about our Refund Policy.


The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions.

The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or in the plural.


For the purposes of this Refund Policy:

  • You mean the individual accessing or using the Service, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Service, as applicable.
  • Company (referred to as either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement) refers to Redmine-Evolution.
  • Service refers to the Website.
  • Website refers to Redmine-Evolution, accessible from
  • Goods refer to the items offered for sale on the Service.
  • Orders mean a request by You to purchase Goods from Us.

Your Order Cancellation Rights

You are entitled to cancel Your Order within 14 days of making a purchase of the Goods, according to the Сonditions for Refund.

The deadline for canceling an Order is 14 days from the date you made the purchase of the Goods.

In order to exercise Your right of cancellation, You must inform Us of your decision by means of a clear statement. You can inform us of your decision by contact-form: Contact Us

Subject to full compliance with the Сonditions for Refund, we will refund you no later than 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of your request for a refund. We will use the same means of payment that you used for the order, and you will not pay for such a refund.

Conditions for Refund

Refunds will be offered at our sole discretion and must meet all of the following conditions fully:

  • You are within the first 14 days of the original purchase of the Goods.
  • You have attempted to resolve your issue(s) with our support team.
  • No refunds will be granted after the first 14 days of the original purchase whatsoever.
  • Issues caused by 3rd party plugins or other software will not provide grounds for a refund.
  • You agree to deactivate and uninstall Redmine Evolution Theme from your server before a refund is granted.

Buying Goods for review or for informational purposes only is not a reason for a refund.

Acceptance of this policy

By purchasing the Goods from our site, you agree to this refund policy and relinquish any rights to subject it to any questions, judgment, or legal actions.

We are not liable to cover any differences in exchange rates between the time you purchased and the time you are refunded.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Refund Policy, please contact us by contact-form: Contact Us

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Refund Policy

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